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Welcome to Contracting, your starting point to becoming a WFLife Business Associate. We provide the necessary forms and the efficient manpower to help process your carrier contracts.

Getting Started

Licensed Agents:
You will need a copy of your current license, your E&O and a voided check, if you wish to do EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer* please note that some companies consider EFT as a mandatory requirement).

Unlicensed Agents:
New to the world of life insurance? Simply click on and download our easy-to-follow and detailed instructions on obtaining your license and becoming a WFLife insurance agent.


All business associates are required to undergo AML (Anti-Money Laundering) training. If you have not completed your AML training, you may log on to LIMRA.

Should you need to update/renew your E&O, you can either use your own methods, or opt to use the WFLife Discounted E&O Program through our partnership with Calsurance.

Follow the simple instructions below to obtain your E&O:

  1. Click on the following link below to open the E&O enrollment page in a new window, or type the address below in your web browser:
  2. Follow instructions for Enrollment
  3. Print Copy of policy page
  4. Include Policy Page when you send in your Agent Appointment Application in the carrier of your choice

you would to access either the LIMRA or the CALSURANCE main websites, simply click on their logos below. A new web page will open with the specified pages.


Please contact for all appointment applications.

For any other questions and/or inquiries, please contact:

Cynthia Hatori-Madriaga Cynthia Hatori-Madriaga
Case Manager
tel: 888.769.8376 x1002
fax: 858.458.1370