At Wealth Financial Life, you’re not just an agent you’re a business owner. We understand your needs as a professional and as a financial expert, which is why we are committed to providing you the best services, products, and support for you to be successful.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard of commitment for bringing our associates real opportunities for growth and success. Opportunities that are centered around five key principles, which we have laid our own foundations on.

It all comes back to the people we serve. And just as importantly, how you serve them. With over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, our team can help your business reach its full potential. Since 2010 our IMO has grown 50-60% annually and serves hundreds of brokers nationwide. All through a strategy aimed at your success, from developing a diversified product portfolio to marketing support, training, office support, and sales tools.

Life has its unexpected moments. Let’s plan for them together. From life insurance to life settlements, we’ve got you covered.


Licensing and Contracting Department:  Welcome to Wealth Financial Life! This is your first stop on the road to success. Our L&C department is here to help you get contracted with Wealth Financial Life, as well as provide access to contracting with more than 40 national carriers partnered with WFL. For any questions about L&C or to get started becoming a WFL associate contact or (888) 935-8882 ext. 101.

New Business Department:  The WFL New Business Department is where we can provide complete back office support, and access to our carriers for all of your new business and new policy services. It is our goal to help you get your new business processed in the quickest and most efficient way, so that clients can get their policies issued right away. For any new business inquiries, please feel free to contact us at or by calling (888) 935-8882 ext. 102.

Marketing and Training:  Whether you’re a new or seasoned agent, there is always something new to learn in this industry. From the latest product training and carrier updates, to sales and marketing strategies, we are always looking for ways to allow our associates to be the best in the business. Monthly webinars, conferences and quarterly events, training seminars, back office marketing support and more are just a part of what makes WFL unique as an organization. We at Wealth Financial Life believe that it is our responsibility as financial professionals to provide nothing but the best for our clints, and the families we serve. Contact our marketing office at or by calling (888) 935-8882 ext. 104.


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